"What is your name?" is more than a question to Jake: It is a trigger that sets off programmed responses: "My name is Jake Temple. I live at 127 Evelina Drive, Marlborough, Massachusetts."
On an ordinary day in chemistry class, Mary Katherine Starr's legs went numb. It altered her life irreparably.
The doctor paused at the doorway after Kate Maupin's mother, Wendy, asked whether the lump in Kate's neck was a cyst, similar to the one her sister once had. "Oh no, it's not a cyst. It's cancer." The doctor said.

Michael Surette is 3 feet 10 inches tall and has used a walker most of his life. From getting to his car to maneuvering through the halls of his school, the metal apparatus is rarely absent from Surette's side.

Cortese wants to be a UConn football player and climb his way to the NFL. In his first semester of college, he seemed unstoppable. In Oct. 2006, everything changed.

Matthew Ofstie’s route to college began in an elevator. Stuck. He was 16 years old, 4 feet 2 inches tall and visiting a conference for disabled students.