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"What is your name?" is more than a question to Jake: It is a trigger that sets off programmed responses: "My name is Jake Temple. I live at 127 Evelina Drive, Marlborough, Massachusetts."
In January 2006, after two semesters of college, Moll and Riley learned that they were being deployed to Afghanistan. After a year of active combat, they are back in school.
His outlook belies the difficulty that he has faced, circling the globe from his home in Malaysia in pursuit of an education. After all, balance is what Ling considers the crowning achievement of his academic career.
"My mother pounded it into me," Santos remembers. "She would always tell me, 'You have to go to college. It isn't an option. I don't want you to end up on the streets like your father.'"
In a dark, dank, dreary building in Romania, where elevators worked only intermittently and the heat barely worked at all, Associate Professor Timothy Kenny decided he wanted to teach.